Our Adviser

Under the Advisory Agreement, we are externally managed by NexPoint Real Estate Advisors V, L.P. (the "Adviser"), which manages VineBrook Homes' business operations, subject to the authority of the Board. Our Adviser is an affiliate of NexPoint and is led by Matt McGraner and Brian Mitts. Certain employees of the Adviser serve on the Board, as VineBrook Homes officers and on the Investment Committee.

Property Management

On August 3, 2023 we acquired VineBrook Homes, LLC (the "Manager"), which was the external manager of day-to-day operations of our properties. As a result of the internalization transaction, the Manager became a wholly owned subsidiary of VineBrook Homes Operating Partnership, L.P. (the "Operating Partnership") and our portfolio is now internally managed. The Manager continues to be managed day-to-day by Dana Sprong and Ryan McGarry, subject to oversight from the Board.

The Investment Committee

The Investment Committee was established pursuant to the terms of the Third Amended and Restated Agreement of Limited Partnership (the "LPA") of the Operating Partnership and is responsible for making decisions and approvals with respect to asset acquisitions and asset dispositions that exceed a pre-determined amount. The Investment Committee is comprised of three individuals, which are currently Matt McGraner, Dana Sprong and Ryan McGarry.